Amber’s Many Metaphysical Properties

Posted on 29 June 2017

Amber is different from other gemstones because it is said to give some a warm feeling when they touch it. Furthermore, since Amber is actually fossilized resin from ancient pine trees, some amber gems have insect fragments, which is why many people believe that it contains life. To those who worship the Mother Goddess, they considered Amber to be sacred because they thought amber contains the animating principle.

One of Amber’s metaphysical properties is that it enhances the beauty of the person wearing it. That’s why it’s related to the Fifth Element, also known as the “Akash.” This element is stated to be vital in binding and governing elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

Whether it’s gold, yellow, or orange, this fossilized resin is said to possess the ability to tap into the sun’s power, making it beneficial in drawing power and energy into your life. Moreover, it’s said to be useful in improving your intelligence and desires. Plus, it gives you a clear mind and wisdom.

Energy Shifter and Healing Agent

Amber is also known for bringing the energies of protection, romantic love, and sensuality into one’s life when worn. Hence, it’s considered by many to be a charm for marriages and is used or worn by couples that wish to stay together forever despite the future obstacles that they might face.


amber healing agent

Amber is also useful in bringing abundance, health, and joy to families. That’s why the gemstone also makes for a great gift for someone who’s going through hard time, such as dealing with a death in the family or a chronic illness.

It’s also stated to be a powerful healer and cleanser because it can eliminate negative energy. It can facilitate self-healing, be it for emotional or physical wellness. Hence, it’s great to wear amber if you are dealing with a physical ailment or are under great emotional distress.

It’s also a gemstone to use if you’re a healer. The reason for this is that it can protect you against negative energy absorption. It means that if you try to help someone from alleviating his illness, you won’t absorb the negative energy that he has in his body.

Whether you carry it or wear it, Amber can work for disease prevention since it purifies the body and spirit. It’s also good for alleviating stress and treating any throat issues.

The amber gemstone is also useful if you wish to get pregnant. The life trapped in it is said to promote fertility. Therefore, it’s one of the ideal gemstone’s to use if you’re preparing to conceive.

Because of these metaphysical properties of amber, it makes this gemstone one of the most prized ones.

Liquid Sunshine

Amber is called Liquid Sunshine because it was in a liquid state before it solidified and turned into a gem. Also, it’s known by that name because of its yellow color, which many believe is symbolic of the sun.

Amber was one of the first substances to be used by our ancestors for embellishment purposes. In fact, remnants of amber jewelry have been excavated and are said to date back as far as 8000 BCE. Furthermore, this fossilized resin has an electric charge. The word “electricity” originated from “electron.” It’s a Greek word, which means amber.

Sources of Amber

If you want high-quality amber that possesses real metaphysical properties, you need to make sure that the vendor you buy from sources their amber from either the Baltic States or the Dominican Republic. The Baltic States harbor some of the oldest pieces of amber in the world, and their amber also contains high levels of succinic acid, which is known to have analgesic properties.

You can find also find the younger version of amber, called “Copal,” in the coastal countries of Africa, as well as in Colombia. It takes thousands of years for Copal to become hard enough to be classified as amber. The Copal discovered in these aforementioned regions are only around 250 to 1,000 years old.

It’s important to remember that Amber can be imitated. Some counterfeit amber is made of plastic or colored glass to resemble genuine amber. To test whether or not you have an authentic piece of amber you can place it in salt water, if it floats then it’s pure amber, and if it doesn’t, it’s not.

Is it an organic gem?

Yes, Amber is an organic compound that is known as a gem due to its metaphysical properties.

As we mentioned earlier, amber is not a stone, but a piece of fossilized resin from now-extinct trees. Amber also comes in other colors that vary from the typical yellow or orange amber you see. In fact, some rare pieces of amber come in green, violet, red, or even black.

While most amber comes in relatively small sizes, you can purchase get larger pieces of amber that have been formed by the heating and pressing together of several smaller bits of amber. Amber that has undergone this process is called “ambroid.”

Is amber transparent?

Yes, Amber gemstones are typically transparent and have irregular shapes. However, you can find pieces of amber that are cloudy. The cloudiness occurs due to air having been trapped inside the material. However, you can get rid of the cloudiness by heating the gem with oil.

Another interesting fact about Amber is that it has an electrical charge and, therefore, can attract dust or give you a shock if you touch it after it’s been rubbed along certain surfaces.

Zodiac Stone

While Amber isn’t a birthstone, some astrologers still use it as a zodiac stone for the astrological sign, Leo. This is because Amber is said to attract love and attention because of its association with the sun, which are all qualities and symbols associated with the sign.


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