The Power of the Amber Stone

Posted on 19 May 2017

Amber is most widely known for its beautiful, sun-kissed coloring since it is commonly used to make jewelry for people of all ages. However, within many communities, Amber is seen as a powerful gemstone that harbors medicinal and, sometimes, even magical qualities.

The stone is several millennia old, initially taking the form of protective resin, which dripped down the sides of now-extinct pine trees some 30 to 95 million years ago. This resin made its way to the ground where it hardened over several centuries and was eventually excavated and used by humans dating back as far as the Stone Age.

One thing is certain: whether you are looking to cure what ails you, are currently working to ward off bad energy, or are simply interested in culturally relevant gems, the amber stone has you covered.


Cultural Significance


Naturally, in many stories in Norse, Lithuanian, and Greek mythologies, Amber was associated with the sun. Within these cultures, the stone’s droplet shape was said to mimic tears. For this reason, the stone was considered to be life-giving and life-preserving. Therefore, Amber was frequently used by those mourning the loss of a loved one in the hopes of immortalizing and protecting said loved one in the afterlife. The stone was also worn by children a protective talisman, which kept them from harm. 

Most amber comes from the Baltic region and is typically yellow in its coloring, there are rare amber stones, which come in different colors and bear various cultural significance. Green Amber, for example, is very rare and was thought to bring good luck and immortality throughout the years. While Blue Amber was used by priests believed the stone controlled air spirits, fire, and water.


Amber’s Medicinal Qualities


Amber is known to possess healing qualities and, Baltic amber in particular, which contains the pain alleviating succinic acid, has been used for centuries to alleviate physical pain. Children wore amber jewelry to reduce teething pain. It was also ground up and added to oils, honey, or water to create an ointment, which acted as a panacea. The salve was applied to the body in an effort to cure everything from blindness to asthma.

Amber was also converted into incense and burned as a way to reduce stress and disinfect spaces. When burned, the solidified resin would give off a torched-pine wood smell.

Healing Power of Amber stones


Amber Mythology & Metaphysical Properties


Amber is highly regarded in metaphysical circles due to its powerful life force. Many look to the stone as more than a relic, due to its current representation of centuries past. Insects and other animal remnants were entombed in the resin as it made its way down the trunk of conifers. This means that some amber stones contain fossils of extinct animals and provide information about prehistoric life on Earth. This connection to the past has made many people view the stone as a connection to ancient wisdom from our ancestors.

The life force of amber is also a potent source of power for people recovering from an illness or injury. By carrying an amber gemstone, healing energy, strength, and a desire for wellness are imparted onto the individual. For these reasons, the stone is also associated with longevity, making it the ideal gem for the older set.

Due to its physical healing properties, amber is also seen as an organic purifier that removes negative and stagnant energy from any space. This means that you can use the gem to purify your metaphysical being, by cleansing your chakras and clearing the environment surrounding your physical self. In turn, you can also use amber to protect yourself from imminent toxicity, such as the potential formation of emotionally destructive relationships.

The golden yellow stone is also said to attract love and increase your natural radiance. The gem's ability to cleanse negative energy and toxicity from one's life has been used in ceremonies, such as marriage vow renewals, to assure commitments made between lovers. In the same vain, the stone is also credited for curing infertility and increasing one’s desire for physical manifestations of love.


Amber Therapies


Amber has so many healing properties associated with it that it seems only natural that over the years people have created methods of healing one’s body and mind using the gemstone.  We’ve highlighted a few interesting amber therapies to share with you, as they relate to the information shared earlier in this article.

  1.    Chakra Cleansing/Energy Balancing

Amber’s yellow-orange coloring is said to stimulate the Navel (Sacral) Chakra, which is positioned right above the pelvis and just below the navel. This chakra controls the flow of energy and is body’s center of gravity, thereby controlling the flow of information throughout the body. The source of this information is dependent upon one’s “gut” instincts and intuition.

When this chakra is out of balance, one might experience confusion, sadness, co-dependency, and general frustration. When the Navel Chakra balanced, one typically feels content, in good spirits, and maintains the flexibility to handle situations life throws at them.

To cleanse this chakra and balance your energy, you can simply carry an amber healing stone with you, or hold it in your hand or lap while you meditate.

  1.    Emotional Healing

Amber is known to clear out negative energy that can manifest itself in the form of a pessimistic attitude about life. The stone alleviates those feelings by re-aligning your emotional state and reinstating emotional balance. This type of healing is ideal for those affected by depressed thoughts and feelings.

  1.    Meditation

The amber gemstone is known to cleanse spaces of bad energy while promoting clarity of the body, mind, and spirit. The origin of this gemstone also connects you to an earlier age, thereby translating an old-world wisdom that can be beneficial during one’s meditation sessions. The stone can also be used as a way to explore past life experiences and purify any harmful family patterns.

As you can see, Amber is more than just a pretty, decorative gem. It has many positive attributes associated with it, including its incorporation into emotional and physical healing practices. There is clearly a special power that this ancient gem possesses, which causes it to hold both our attention and admiration.  


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