The Meaning and Uses of the Amber Gemstone

Posted on 11 June 2017

Believers of metaphysics believe that amber gemstones have a soothing and calming energy. The calming aspect of this stone is credited to its ability to draw out negative energy from the environment. They also believe the gem is a memory stone that can lock memories for safe-keeping. Amber is also believed to help improve the intellectual capacities of children.

Is Amber a stone?

Although Amber is considered to be a gemstone, it’s not an actual stone. Amber is actually fossilized resin that originated from ancient pine trees. With that said, the amber that you possess now could be thousands or millions of years old. The older the amber is, the more expensive it is.

It takes millions of year for tree resin to transform into amber, which means that the gemstone is a relic from another time. It also means that the Amber has, more than likely, accumulated qualities of the earth from the ground. Some amber stones even have little insects inside of them. The theory is that these insects were trapped and entombed in the resin as it dripped down the side of trees while making its way towards the ground.

Previous civilizations also thought the gemstone had magical qualities to it. Therefore, some of them wore pieces of amber for various reasons, such as a way to protect themselves from harm or to ensure a plentiful hunting season.

The Many Colors of Amber

The color of a piece of amber can vary depending on the resin’s components and condition. The most common color is golden brown, which looks very similar to honey. However, also comes in a variety of other colors, such as red, black, white, and blue, the rarest colors being white and blue.

rough amber

While Amber comes in a variety of colors, there are some amber gemstones that are chemically treated to change its color. However, the color of an authentic amber gem does affect its value. For example, naturally occurring red amber is more valuable than golden amber. The rarer the coloring, the more highly valued the gemstone.

As for the cut, such a thing doesn’t affect the value of this stone. A piece of Amber can cut down and smoothed into beads or left au naturel. Either way, its initial value and healing properties remain intact.

Regarding clarity, the more transparent the gem, the more valuable it is. If you have a cloudy piece of Amber you can heat it in canola oil to give the stone more clarity. However, be careful, as oftentimes this method causes the stone to develop small cracks.

Amber’s Origins

Amber is mostly found in Northern Europe. You can even visit an amber museum in Lithuania to discover more information about this stone. However, some rare pieces of Amber can be found in places as far away from Northern Europe as the Dominican Republic, where you can find the highly-prized blue amber. Recently, some people even excavated amber in Indonesia.

For resin to become amber, it has to undergo polymerization, which is a hardening process that allows molecules to link together to form larger particles. This process takes thousands to millions of years before the material becomes insoluble.

If you wish to purchase real amber, make sure that it comes from the Baltic region, especially in Russia, Lithuania, and Poland. Amber excavated from these areas are said to have more healing properties due to the high levels of succinic acid in the resin.

Uses of Amber

It’s known to have protective properties for children. Amber can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. Some people sew it into a baby’s garment to protect the child against negative energy or any harmful elements.

The amber gemstone is also regarded as a love crystal. It’s often worn to increase one’s attractiveness and to promote long-lasting love. You can wear it to call your soul mate or to protect you against any harmful outside relationship interference. Because the gem symbolizes love and beauty, it’s a great gift for engaged couples or couples who are renewing their marriage vows.

Healing Properties

Many people claim that Amber has healing properties that can eliminate toxins, pain, and disease from the body. It is also said to promote better immune function so that your body can heal itself without the use of synthetic medications. If you’re suffering from any digestive problems, you can take advantage of amber’s health benefits as it can stimulate your digestive system. It’s also effective in treating disorders of the throat.

It’s also believed that amber can eliminate negative energy to boost emotional healing and initiate positive change. Therefore, Amber serves as the ideal gift for friends or family members who have been hospitalized, as it can lift their spirits and help support the healing process.

If you want to achieve peace of mind through meditation, you can wear an amber necklace to help calm your mind and get you in the mood for practicing meditation. The gemstone is said to help clear both your mind and your body so that you can expand your consciousness.

Positive Energy

If you want the attraction and warmth of amber, you can explore purchasing any one of the many varieties of this gemstone. Choose one that can make significant changes to your personal energy. However, beware of jewelry shops that offer imitation amber, as inauthentic amber jewelry does not have the same properties or effects as the real thing.

It’s always ideal to purchase the highest quality amber so that you can take advantage of its health benefits.

To further benefit from its energy, you should wear it in a piece of jewelry like a necklace or bracelet, because to get its full healing benefits the gem should touch your skin for a continuous amount of time. Your body heat will warm up the amber beads, thereby releasing its healing properties that are then, in turn, absorbed into your skin.


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