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Frequently Asked Questions

When should my baby wear an amber necklace?

You should let your child wear the necklace as often as possible to receive the full benefits of the necklace. However, make sure you only let them wear the necklace while under your supervision and while they are awake.


At what age should my child wear the necklace?

Children three months to three years of age can wear the necklace to relieve teething pain, as the aforementioned ages are around the time that the teething process starts and stops.

Can my baby wear the necklace while they’re asleep?

No, you should not let your little one wear the necklace while they’re asleep to prevent strangulation.


Can my baby chew on the amber beads?

No, do not let your baby chew on the amber beads to prevent a choking incident from occurring. Keep in mind that the necklace is extremely light and most children forget they’re wearing it shortly after putting it on for the first time.


How does the necklace work?

Baltic amber contains small, yet effective amounts of succinic acid on its surface. When your baby wears the necklace, their body heat warms up the amber beads causing the release of the succinic acid. This acid is then absorbed into their skin, allowing them to reap the benefits of the succinic acid’s anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.


Will the necklace get rid of my baby’s teething pain completely?

The necklace definitely helps to significantly mitigate the pain and uncomfortable symptoms associated with teething (i.e., drooling, sore gums, restlessness, etc.). However, you should not look to the necklace as a panacea.


Are any of the materials toxic?

Nope. Baltic amber is an all-natural, organic compound that is completely non-toxic.


From where does Baltic amber come?

Baltic amber comes from the Baltic region, and more specifically, countries along its east coast, which include Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.


Is the necklace safe to wear?

Yes, the amber teething necklace is safe to wear. The materials are non-toxic. However, make sure that you only allow your baby to wear the necklace while they’re awake and under your supervision. Also, do not let your child chew on the amber beads.


Do different colored amber necklaces have different healing properties?

No, there is no therapeutic difference when it comes to the color of the Amber.


Do the necklaces come in different sizes?

Right now all of our necklaces come in a standard size of 32cm - 33cm. If the necklace is too short or too long for your child, we recommend using the necklace as an anklet. To do this, all you have to do is wrap the necklace around your child’s ankle, then cover the necklace with a sock to prevent it from moving. This method will keep the necklace close to your child’s skin and your baby won’t even notice that it’s there.


How do I take care of the necklace?

Please make sure that you refrain from getting the necklace wet by removing it from your little one before bath time. Also, try to clean the necklace regularly by wiping the beads with a soft cloth dampened with lukewarm water. To polish the necklace, put a dab of olive oil on a soft cloth and wipe it on the beads, making sure to wipe away any excess oil at the end of this process.


Note: Amber is a fairly soft gemstone and, therefore, can be scratched easily. For this reason, it is important that you use the proper materials while cleaning or polishing the necklace.


Can my child wear the necklace if they’re not teething?

Yes! We advise you to allow your child to continue wearing the necklace, as Amber is said to relieve many other ailments, such as growing pains, asthma, and eczema.


What is Baltic amber made of?

Baltic amber is hardened resin from now-extinct pine trees that resided in the Baltic region millions of years ago. Seriously!


Why does Baltic amber have healing properties?

Amber from the Baltic region contains roughly 8-10% succinic acid, which is known to have analgesic qualities.


Has any research been done on Baltic amber?

In 1886, the Nobel Prize-winning Robert Koch analyzed succinic acid, which is the active ingredient in Baltic amber. He concluded that the acid had a very positive effect on humans, by strengthening our immune systems and serving as a healing aid.


Are the necklaces made of real amber?

Yes, all of our necklaces are made of authentic Baltic amber. Also, a certificate of authenticity is provided with every purchase to assure customers that the Baltic amber used to make our necklaces are, in fact, the real thing.


What is the clasp made from?

We currently only feature necklaces that have an amber-colored screw clasp. However, we are working to offer necklaces that have a pop clasp as an additional safety measure.


Is it normal for the necklace to stretch with wear?

Yes, this is perfectly normally. As your child continues to wear the necklace the knots between each bead might loosen or tighten, which is fine. However, please look into purchasing a new necklace if your current one becomes long enough to where your child can easily put the necklace in their mouth.

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