The Healing Properties of Amber: A Comprehensive Overview

Posted on 30 June 2017

Perhaps you’ve seen the first ‘Jurassic Park’ movie and have always wondered which stone that was. The stone that holds the mosquito intact from which the scientists extract a bit of DNA to replicate dinosaur genes so on and so forth. Well, that stone was a fossilized tree resin known as amber.

With immense historical significance, amber has been used for thousands of years. The oldest pieces of amber that have been found date back to 8000 BC.

The Latin name for amber is ‘Electrum’, and is famous for containing electrical properties along with a magnificent color. People sometimes refer to it as ‘Liquid Sunshine’ because of the natural mixture of yellow and orange that make it look like the color of sunshine.

Today, amber is extracted from the mines in the Baltic States and the Dominican Republic. In essence, amber has been used as a means to dissipate negative energy. Its healing properties have baffled many scientists and researchers and there are no scientific reasons shedding light on the stone’s useful properties.

People nowadays wear amber as necklaces and bracelets. Some are not even aware of the legends that are told about this particular stone.

What Healing Properties?

Amber is a powerful cleanser and is also used in intricate and trendy jewelry. A lot of people wear amber authentic amber jewelry in the hope it can physical pain and sickness. It is believed that amber is responsible for the revitalization of important bodily tissues. To a skeptic, this might seem like an ordinary fairy tale, but for thousands of years amber has been known to elevate the conscious self.

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Think of it like this, if you and I are on level 2 consciousnesses surrounded by a three dimensional world, amber helps us meditate and reach level 3 of that state. During the process, because the body is simply a physical presence that the mind conjures up to make sense of the world, the energy of the spirit in the body begins to heal it.

In other words, amber is like a fast ointment that can be used to relieve you of pain. It was used seven thousands years ago and is still used to accelerate the human metabolism, treat skin ailments, and treat asthma and most allergies.

Amber also helps you tap into your mental and physical balance, psychic shielding and healing that enables the person to feel energetic and happy. You see amber has countless benefits that are still being exploited today.

The properties of the stone are being researched as to what makes it an elixir that can help heal a lot of ailments. Recent discoveries have identified that amber consists of a resin known as succinct acid, which is absorbed into the bloodstream. From there, it helps improve the immunity of the body, as well as balance various bodily acids. However, to make it easier for you, here are some other benefits of amber:

  • Absorbs Pain:

  • The stone is known to draw out disease when worn and alleviates pain. At the same time, it imbues the body with vitality and strength to overcome a painful medical condition.

  • Neutralizes Negative Energy:


    In older times, superstition surrounded this particular gemstone. People believed that any person who was possessed by an evil spirit must wear the amber around their necks to ward it off. Now, although most people do not believe in ghosts, they do believe in negative energy. The amber stone cleanses the environment around us, absorbing the negative energy.

  • Stabilizes Emotions:


    If you feel depressed, anxious or angry, this particular stone comes highly recommended. It not only rejuvenates the body, but calms the mind as well.

  • A Self-Healing Body:


    If you try to understand, this all makes sense. Because the mind is always under a lot of stress, it affects the rest of the body. By calming the mind and achieving a more peaceful state, the body begins healing itself faster than usual. You yourself feel at bliss and it is not an artificially induced feeling.

  • Helps Strengthen Memory:


    Because of a functional metabolism, a good immune system and a calmer mind, the person can concentrate better and their memory improves.

    Chakra Cleansing Properties

    Amber is said to be related to the sacral, as well as solar-plexus chakras. Its strong ‘old-earth’ energy brings forth a sensation of calmness and oneness with the world.

    It is said that amber heightens your intellectual abilities and is best used in meditation as a rite of passage. This means amber acts as a catalyst that allows the energy build up around the chakras to ease up and flow smoothly.

    Even mystical lore suggests that amber is excellent for purification of the body and mind. It only makes sense that this is possible when energy in our body does not build up in any one place, but flows smoothly like a river.

    A spiritual gem, this stone is a necessary accessory to have if you wish to connect with the rhythm of nature. The fact that the rarest piece of amber are said to be more than 100,000 years old makes it clear that they act as a kind of small museum for nature and its many wonders.

    Bottom Line

    As the world has advanced in the field of technology and medicine, many people remain unaware of such healing methods. People are ready to spend thousands on conventional medications and therapy – which services to riddle their bodies with side effects and other discomforts. It requires the user to believe in it, to remain calm and meditate.

    If you are in pain or constant suffering and have tried all the conventional methods, give amber a try. We do not promise you a speedy recovery, but a satisfied sense of self in the long run.

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