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Amber Necklaces: Find Out How They Work

Posted on 08 June 2017

Amber is fossilized resin. Initially, people thought that amber was produced by Pinites succinefer, which was a specific genus of trees native to the Baltic region. In the 1980s, scientists insisted that the substance came from several different species of trees. However, the most recent bout of research concludes that the resin actually came from Sciadopityaceae, a conifer that is also referred to as a “living fossil.”

AAmong the many gemstones around the world, the Baltic amber is the most recognized and highly praised in the world. It’s because of its healing properties, unlike other types of amber that you can find anywhere else.

Regardless of what tree Baltic amber originated from, it’s believed that the gemstone could alleviate the pain associated with teething. The belief is actually a fact! More and more parents are purchasing authentic Baltic amber necklaces for their teething kids who stand to benefit from the amber’s healing properties.

How do amber necklaces work?

The amber beads that make up the necklace contain a high amount of succinic acid, which is a healing element. When your child wears the necklace against their skin, their body heat warms up the beads and helps release said element. As soon as the succinic acid is released, your little one’s body absorbs it, thereby providing them with relief from the pain of sore gums.

Your baby must wear this piece of jewelry as often as possible to maximize its results. However, make sure to only allow your baby to wear the necklace while under your supervision. Also, make sure you remove the necklace before bedtime.

What’s succinic acid?

As previously mentioned, Baltic amber contains a healing element known as “succinic acid.” This acid contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to these properties, genuine Baltic amber has the ability to help alleviate pain caused by the teething process. Furthermore, authentic amber necklaces can also be used as an aid to managing the pain associated with a variety of chronic medical conditions, such as migraines and fibromyalgia among others.  

amber necklace

Succinic acid is well- known in the medical world. In fact, it’s currently being included in immune system drugs to treat various autoimmune diseases. It can strengthen your body’s natural healing ability or immune function.

The healing benefits of amber were discovered millions of years ago. In fact, it’s been used in northern Europe for many generations. It’s a common European remedy to alleviate fever and pain in kids. Because of its natural analgesic properties, it can appease a kid without the use of medicines. As soon as it touches the skin, the Baltic amber would start releasing its therapeutic properties in a safe and natural way.

Some people who wear amber necklaces have also reported its benefits in boosting thyroid function. If these benefits would apply to you and you’re taking medications, your doctor might recommend reducing intake of those prescription drugs. However, make sure that you consult it first with your doctor. Never stop taking your medications without talking to your doctor first, even if you’ve noticed a significance difference in your thyroid condition after using Baltic amber.

However, it’s important to remember that only genuine Baltic amber contains significant amounts of succinic acid. Therefore, be careful when purchasing amber necklaces online. You should only buy amber jewelry from reputable sellers who have a history of delivering a legitimate product. We, at Baltic Wonder, include a certificate of authenticity with every necklace purchased so our customers can rest assured that they have brought the real thing.

How do you wear an amber necklace?

We suggest having your child wear the necklace daily. While the necklace helps soothe teething infants, you should not allow your kid to chew on the amber beads to prevent the necklace from breaking and causing a choking incident.

The great thing about amber necklaces is that they’re so light that it won’t serve as a distraction for you child. While the necklace annoys some kids when they first wear it, most children become used to it after a few minutes of wearing it. Some kids experience positive results after only a few hours of wearing it. However, it is completely natural for a few days to pass before you see any noticeable changes in your little one's behavior.

What if my baby accidentally swallows a bead?

Our amber beads are non-toxic and are so small that they can easily pass through your baby’s system. However, to be safe, make sure that your child doesn’t swallow the beads by only allowing them to wear the necklace under your supervision.

Who can wear it?

Amber necklaces can be worn by anyone. Although it’s popular in children, adults, too, can wear it. Both adults and kids have to wear it against their skin to ensure they’ll experience its health benefits.  




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