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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace: Information & Advice

Posted on 10 June 2017

In this post, you’ll find the most vital Baltic amber teething necklace information that can help you better understand how the necklace can greatly benefit your child.

What is a Baltic amber teething necklace?

This accessory is considered a big deal in the natural parenting community. Mothers who have brought it for their children claim that their kids instantly become calmer and less fussy. They also experience little to no teething discomfort when they wear it. Now, you may ask, what’s in it that makes it effective in reducing teething pain?

Amber is often mistaken for a stone or crystal, even though it’s actually fossilized resin. The resin came from pine trees, which are now extinct. The necklace is made from Baltic amber, which is found near the Baltic Sea in northern Europe. While Amber can be found in other parts of the world besides the northern Europe, the Baltic amber that comes from that region contains the largest known amount of succinic concentration.

Baltic amber typically contains up to 8% succinic acid. It’s a substance that can alleviate pain. Apart from its ability to reduce pain, it’s also been used for centuries to protect children from harm, according to research at the University of Glasgow. The researchers also found that others societies used strands of amber beads to cure blindness and other ailments.

Some people also believe that this necklace can help parents form a strong emotional bond with their child by attracting positive energy and promoting a soothing, safe environment that helps strengthen the relationship.

How does it work?

The benefits of this necklace can vary. It can soothe or calm the person. It can also be used to restore the health of the wearer.

The Baltic amber teething necklace works when you allow your child to wear it snug against their skin. The warmth of your child’s skin causes the release of natural oils in the amber. When that happens, your child’s skin then absorbs the oils, which enters the bloodstream and works their magic.

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Why are some people hesitant to use it?

One of the reasons some parents are not persuaded of the necklace’s benefits is that it might pose a choking hazard. That’s why manufacturers of Baltic amber teething necklace recommend parents to supervise their children when they’re wearing it.

Strangulation is another risk that parents are worried of. Any necklace can cause strangulation. However, there haven’t been any reports that point to an amber necklace as the cause of an infant strangulation incident. Manufacturers of this product also advise parents to remove the necklace when their kids are asleep to further prevent an incident from occurring.

Is it safe?

The Baltic amber teething necklace is completely safe. The amber beads are non-toxic. However, you should follow the instructions of the manufacturer when your baby wears it.

As previously mentioned, make sure to remove the necklace before your child goes to sleep. Also, even though the necklace is designed to alleviate teething pain, you should not allow your baby to chew on it because doing so might cause the beads to fall off, which could lead to a choking incident. Please keep in mind that the necklace is so lightweight that most children don’t even notice they’re wearing it and remain unbothered. Therefore, an occurrence of your child chewing on the beads is unlikely.

At Baltic Wonder, all teething necklaces are of genuine quality. They’re handcrafted and made with care to ensure they’re safe to be worn by your child.

How should you clean the necklace?

Sometimes, the chain requires cleaning. To clean it, simply dampen a soft cloth in a bowl of soapy water. Wipe it over the jewelry to remove the dirt. We also recommended using a soft cloth to dry the necklace. Never allow the necklace to air dry because doing so can cause discoloration.

You may also polish it with olive oil. It’ll remove grease marks. To rub the amber beads, put a small amount of oil to cotton or your hand. Then, rub it over the amber. Make sure to remove extra oil using a clean, dry cloth.

A silver polishing cloth can also be used to wipe the beads. You can purchase it from a shop that sells arts and crafts. When you do, opt for a material that has light and dark panels. The light one removes dirt or tarnish, while the dark panel is used to polish the Baltic amber beads.

When you shop for a Baltic amber teething necklace, make sure to purchase it from a merchant that states from where it has gotten its amber, as many merchants will sell you fake amber or Copal. To be extra safe, try to purchase your Baltic amber necklace from a merchant that provides a certificate authenticity with every purchase.

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