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The Many Medical Uses for Succinic Acid

Posted on 12 July 2017

Many people are unaware of the incredible influence that succinic acid has on our bodies. It is involved in several chemical processes, which are mostly related to our metabolism. An ancient remedy that has been used for thousands of years, the highest quantity of succinic acid is found in Baltic Amber, which is found in the Baltic States.

Nature has given humankind many solutions to remedy various medical conditions. With an increase in pharmaceutical use and an ever-increasing list of harmful side effects for medications, succinic acid is a natural solution to battle pain related issues.

Succinic acid is also found in animal tissues, as well as in plants all over the world. For pharmaceutical or home use, it is either extracted from amber or is manufactured synthetically. The word “succinic” is Latin for ‘succinum,’ which means ‘of amber’.

Our ancestors have been using Amber in the form of medicine for thousands of years. Although they are unaware of the amber’s chemical makeup, they held the gemstone in high regard due to the healing properties it possesses. This is why ancient witch doctors or healers would recommend their patients to chew on amber or wear it as a necklace to heal diseases.

With our modern understanding of its properties, we have extracted the necessary chemicals and produced medications that are used to help heal a variety of conditions, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Stimulates the Nervous System


    Succinic acid has special properties that relieve stress and anxiety. Stress is said to be the root cause of various mental and physical health complications. The acid aims to eliminate the root causes of stress by stimulating your brain and ‘kick starting’ it into functioning as it is used to.

  • Improves Cellular Respiration


    Recent research studies have revealed succinic acid’s ability to improve cellular respiration, as well as one’s glucose metabolism, which allows the body to function optimally. When are cells are able to take in oxygen and use it to make energy, our body has the required energy to stay fit and healthy all the time.

  • Prevents Colds


    Before these healing properties were fully known, a lot of superstition surrounded the use of amber. People believed that Baltic amber (succinic acid) could drive away evil spirits that caused colds or the flu. This superstition turned out to be true, as succinic acid does help strengthen the immune system, which in turn lowers your risk of contracting a cold or the flu.

  • Relief for Colicky Teething Babies


    Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of succinic acid is that it is used to alleviate colicky symptoms in teething babies. Babies are constantly in pain when they begin teething. If Amber is used in the form of a necklace, the succinic acid is released when the necklace is worn close to the baby’s skin. The acid is then absorbed into the baby’s skin, inducing a calming effect.

    succinic medical use

  • Used for Treating Arthritis


    Although the name suggests something else, succinic acid is actually anti-inflammatory and contains many antioxidants. With various properties that alleviate pain, many patients wear amber on their wrists or the affected area for effective pain relief.

  • Effects on the Heart


    Succinic acid regulates cardiomyocyte. What this means is it helps the heart pump blood properly. This is good for people suffering from a cardiovascular disorder. Succinic acid has even been known to help prevent heart attacks.

  • Clears the Mind of Negativity and Calms You


    Succinic acid has an important effect on our minds. Current world problems and even day-to-day scuffles can cause you a lot of stress, which is bad for your overall health. Because succinic acid helps release stress and the buildup of chemicals, you experience a blissful feeling when wearing Baltic amber.

    De-stressing is important because once you calm down you can focus on what is important in your life. Practicing de-stress techniques on a regular basis can lead to you dealing with stressful situations with greater ease in the long-term.

    Succinic Acid as a Cleanser

    Succinic acid has countless benefits for the human body that are now recognized by science and exploited by medical institutions. The acid’s natural cleansing properties are found to be intriguing as it is said to be able to do everything from clearing out the buildup of negative energy relieving chronic pain.

    Many mystics wear Baltic amber to ease their minds and get rid of any negative energy, as a way to improve their concentration during meditation. The succinic acid contained in Baltic amber gives a warm feeling to the users as they begin to suppress their desires and become one with the universe.

    With that said, wearing Baltic amber allows succinic acid to enter your body for a long time, which is why you find many spiritual gurus wearing beads made of amber.

    To this day, many people still allow babies to wear amber for its many protective and healing qualities. It is proven that children who are found to be using succinic acid are happier and calmer in tougher situations, which further highlights its validity.

    Bottom Line

    The analgesic properties make succinic acid a great remedy for many ailments. Reducing irritability and preventing menopause, succinic acid has played a key role in healing and providing pain relief to many people for centuries.

    While succinic acid has been studied a bit by science, many believe that there is still a lot about the property that we do not know. After all, nature has many medical marvels that have not yet been explained.

    Hopefully, one day humankind will be able to further their analysis of this medicine and further their understanding of how it can be used for the better. Until then, you can continue to benefit from the various uses of succinic acid and the numerous ways in which it can help you improve your health. However, make sure to consult your doctor first.

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