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Amber – The Holistic Remedy for Headaches

Posted on 21 May 2017

The natural Baltic amber gemstone offers holistic healing. Some users said that their chronic pain is gone while others have stated that they experience fewer headaches.

These reports aren't surprising considering that Baltic amber has been around for thousands of years, and many remarkable discoveries have been made about the effects it has to the wearer.

The most common uses of the stone are for healing purposes. It’s almost unbelievable that amber has health benefits for the brain, liver, immune system, heart, etc. What’s great about it is that you don’t need to burn the stone to obtain its benefits. All you have to do is wear it.

However, thousands of years ago, Amber was turned into a powder and mixed with wine to heal some ailments, like sore throats and fevers. People also used it to treat ear infections.

It’s also proven to help in alleviating anxiety. As a result, the wearer can achieve balance and tranquility.


The Composition

Its health benefits are due to its composition. Baltic amber is a product of resin. It’s been preserved for thousands of years. When you wear it as a necklace, it gives you the energy to boost the functioning of your carotid arteries.

The stone can also prevent and protect you from getting the following headaches:

  • Tension headache. It’s a pain that is the result of muscle tension in the head, shoulders, and neck. Researchers have also speculated that the unstable level of neurotransmitters might play a role. Bear in mind that neurotransmitters are chemicals in the brain that regulate pain.
  • Migraine. It’s a type of headache that’s difficult to understand. No one knows the exact cause of it, but there are theories. According to one theory, when a person suffers from a migraine, their blood vessels swell, triggering pain receptors. In addition to blood vessel swelling, neurotransmitter fluctuations may also cause the pain. Other triggers include hormonal changes during menstrual periods, skipping meals, excessive noise, and certain foods. Those who suffer from frequent migraines typically have their first attack before they turn 30.
  • Cluster headache. This type of headache is less common than those two types mentioned above. A cluster headache may be caused by blood vessel swelling in the head. Some studies have shown that a cluster headache is a result of the brain getting insufficient amounts of oxygen. Other researchers also hypothesize that the fluctuating levels of a neurotransmitter might have played a role. Most sufferers of this problem are male.

A headache is an annoying pain, indeed. No matter what type it is, it can ruin your day. However, when its duration extends, and it becomes intense, you may start to worry.

If the pain intensifies and you can’t function, it might be time for you to act. Among the many types of headaches, a migraine is the worst since the pain can last for hours or days.

People who suffer from migraines frequently showed that a migraine isn't a response to pain. Rather, it’s an actual brain disorder. The great thing is that there are ways to prevent it from happening.

amber necklaces for headaches

How can Baltic amber help?

Amber for headaches can help by simply wearing it against your skin. When it touches your skin, it releases amber’s healing oil, which penetrates the skin and alleviates the pain.

It’s also believed that amber can renew your energy and vitality.


Besides headaches, Baltic amber is also known for alleviating the pain caused by the teething process. Hundreds of mothers swear by its effectiveness.

Baltic amber has healing properties, as mentioned earlier. When your baby wears it, their body heat triggers the release of the succinic acid contained in the stone. When your baby’s body absorbs it, it offers analgesic effect on their swollen gums.

Highly Recommended

Some are still skeptical about amber’s healing properties, but when you ask mothers who have tried it, 100% of them would recommend it.

However, make sure that you only buy an amber necklace from an online shop that sells authentic Baltic amber, as many online retailers will offer Baltic amber substitutes, such as copal, which do not have the same healing properties. Try to look for retailers that provide a certificate of authenticity with your Baltic amber jewelry purchase.

Never opt for an amber stone that comes from elsewhere, as they do not have the same medicinal qualities. It should be from the Baltic region. The reason for this is that amber from the Baltic region has higher rates of succinic acid.

You may also find Amber made of phenolic resin, which are plastic amber-colored beads. Celluloid is used as well, but it’s not authentic. Another type of amber sold on the market is pressed amber. Although it’s actual amber, it’s fused using high pressure. Unfortunately, when Amber is compressed, its healing acid is also compressed causing it to be less effective.

In other words, you should stick with the real deal and purchase amber for headaches at shops that sell genuine amber.

Because you’re going to wear the stone to heal or treat your headache, make sure that you’re buying the right design. That is, its beads should have no jagged edges. If there are, they could be rough on your skin causing some irritation or other issues.

It’s also vital that the amber bead is knotted and threaded with multiple strands, which means you can be sure that it’s unbreakable. Of course, you would want it to be from all-natural materials and made of authentic Baltic amber.

When you use it, however, make sure that you don’t chew it. Amber necklace may offer health benefits, but they’re not designed for chewing and ingestion.

If your baby wears it, make sure that he’s wearing it with your supervision to prevent them from chewing or ingesting the beads.

For best results, make sure that you wear it every day. The amber beads should come in contact with your skin to reap its benefits.


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