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Truth About Teething: Busting the Myths

Posted on 26 September 2016

Parenting is a puzzling job. Along with the fulfilment and joy that it brings, it is coupled with a lot of problem solving that will bring frustration and strife. When the child is crying unceasingly and you are unable to offer it resolve, you want to take away its grief and have it as your own. Parents want to take all the pain away, but as it is impossibility, finding solutions should be your first priority. For any parenting problem, you have to know how to smartly deal with it, because it is your responsibility. 

Myths and theories pepper the world of parenting. The moment you find out you are pregnant, you will suddenly develop paranoia, even if it wasn’t your character before. The baby inside you, calls for you to be extra careful, so you become wary of all warnings. In the case of teething, you are quick to believe everything you hear and read, but be mindful of the following myths:


  • Fever and Teething. It has always been believed for fever to be directly connected to teething. This phenomenon is best explained this way: teething involves the emergence or eruption of the teeth through the gums or soft tissue. While this happens, the gums may become tender, swollen and inflamed. As a reaction to inflammation, the body will bring about automatic defense mechanism and so cause the rise in temperature. As a parent, you shouldn’t be quick to accept fever as a result of teething because it may be something more serious. Monitor temperature hike and report prolonged fevers right away.
  • Brandy. Are you seriously okay about allowing your child to ingest alcohol, let alone something as strong as brandy? It is believed that it can bring some relief but before you resort to this, there are more effective means to try, that are safer and more acceptable for a child. Any amount of alcohol is dangerous and considered poisonous to a child, so keep the brandy well far away.
  • Ear Pulling. Many people say that when a child is pulling his ears that it may be because he is teething. He is feeling a pain in the jaws that is radiated to the area of the ears, so he is pulling on the ears to feel relief. This is impossible because the first teeth to come out are the anterior teeth. For this to be true the teeth to be coming out ought to be the molars, which will emerge at the back of the jaw, approximate to the ear area. Any ear pulling exhibition may well be just a show of playing or an indication of an ear infection. It could also be indicative of a fever, if there is an unfortunate fluid build-up.
  • Teething and Diaper Rash. This may be closely linked to the myth that teething causes diarrhea. It does not, at least not directly. Teething can never cause it but it causes excessive drooling and as more drool or saliva is taken into than usual, it may cause diarrhea. Another reason for diarrhea may be any change in diet because of teething (and the discomfort related to the phenomenon). Due to diarrhea, you can expect for some diaper rash to develop, or it may totally be something else.

     Keeping a watchful eye on things is good to some extent. Believing warnings and taking on extra precaution is helpful, but before you do anything, pause to investigate on the truth. Do not be afraid to ask questions, especially to your doctor. It is better to be sure than to live believing what is not true.

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